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3D Machine Control Modeling is our passion, and it's your future. Don’t stop at finish grade, model everything! Paired with consulting services, this approach saves crew hours while improving quality of the project. AB Civil experts can identify potential construction design issues before they cause on-site delays.


AB Civil’s Machine Control Models are built using site plans, profiles, cross-sections, typicals and superelevation tables. We use this data to verify that the design is correct and to identify potential issues. 3D GPS Machine Control Modeling provides QA/QC which identifies potential problems at the start of construction. We build construction ready machine control models for Trimble, Topcon, and Leica from approved engineered plans.


Our methods make our client experience simple – we utilize a workflow including Project Management software and a QA/QC process.

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We utilize a standardized system designed by

AB Civil

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Our models are built collaboratively and systematically

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Our team uses a checklist to ensure that all steps have been taken to provide quality service and deliverables


What differentiates our 3D models from others?


3D GPS built models built by AB Civil include invaluable features that come standard. 

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1. Background Images

In Siteworks there is a revolutionary feature called Background Images  – AB Civil includes pdf plan drawings directly in the data collector. Any pdf that the client may need such as site, demo, utility, grading, landscaping, and lighting is included as an image for use in Trimble Siteworks. This information is indispensable in the field. Once a GPS operator uses this feature, they never want to do another job without it.

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2. Project Map

The Project Map feature of Siteworks is a project map with linework that operators cannot stake. AB Civil includes slope arrows which show where the water is flowing from the surface. This is a beneficial QA/QC feature - during the design phase we always want to make sure that the water is flowing towards drainage structures. The slope arrows that we include are based off the finished grade surface. At AB Civil, we also include radius points, high and low points, as well as curbs and edge of pavement to make layout easier for the operator. 

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3. Layers

Layers are organized and identified in AB Civil’s 3D models. We neatly label every layer based on its properties, 02-2D Lines, 03-3D Lines 04-Utilities, 05-Corridor features, 06-Structural, 07-Existing. If a line is used in generating the 3D model, it is included as a 3D line that is ready to be staked in Siteworks. We are especially careful to include good existing linework in order to check that project calibrations line up with the existing conditions as the engineer has them in the plans. Also, every line is named in AB Civil’s models! No need to guess what layer your line is if you're staking lines on your site.

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4. Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority. That includes excellent communication with our clients. If we encounter a problem with a 3D model, we send marked up pdf’s to our client detailing the potential issue. Typically, AB Civil is a third party modeler, so in order to communicate potential problems effectively we send marked up PDF’s to the client to communicate issues concisely. This information can be sent to the engineer or construction manager for clarification. If necessary, we will create a video that can be uploaded to a private YouTube link for further explanation.


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