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AB Civil Consulting, LLC (AB Civil) is a Construction Technology Consulting firm offering services in the areas of Civil 3D Machine Control Model Building, Construction Technology Consulting, Earthwork Take-Offs, and Drone Data Processing.  

In the construction industry, we are recognized for our superior customer service. At AB Civil we are passionate about the service we provide to our clients. It’s not just a product to us. Client relationship is EVERYTHING. We strive to optimize our clients’ use of technology, allowing them to fully benefit from the equipment they have invested in. Through a collaborative effort with subconsultants and data prep specialists, we provide a consistent and bespoke product to our clients.

Trimble Siteworks Model
GPS in Bulldozer

AB Civil places emphasis on our clients' specific operations and company structure. We set out to develop a true partnership with our clients, understanding their needs to develop systems that correctly utilize their technology. We do not merely provide a product, as other modeling firms often do. We provide a service, supporting and advising our clients from the delivery of our products to the completion of their projects.

Our team of experts have years of construction experience, learning the business in roles such as foreman/superintendent, project managers and estimators before mastering the 3D machine control modeling process. The AB Civil team can provide insight to your project because we have the experience. 



Adam Bower

CEO & Founder

“We provide a service, supporting and advising our clients from the delivery of our products to the completion of their projects”.


Adam Bower is the Managing Member and founder of AB Civil Consulting, LLC. While earning his degree in Civil Engineering, Adam worked for various construction companies building a knowledge base from experience in the field. Adam’s passion for technology and his love of project  management has been the key to his achievements in the industry. He tells the story of successes and struggles honestly and intelligently, which has resonated with other contractors and business owners who don’t settle for status quo. Adam enjoys working through challenges and learning new things each day. His mission is to continuously improve and to inspire others to want to do the same. Adam’s time spent outside of work is with his treasured family. Adam and his wife are born and raised in Western New York State, and have recently relocated to Clarksville, Tennessee to raise their three daughters.

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